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I made $7,000 when I invested in your big pick last month. I cannot believe I made so much money with just $1,500 to start with. Thank you so much for the priceless information you send me. I've told my friends about your website, and two of them have signed up as well!

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I skipped your first pick after signing up just to see how you guys would do. I forget the symbol but it moved following the alert. I've played two of your picks since then and made about 10% but I could have made more than 50% - I was just to chicken to hold. Thanks for doing what you do.

- Brent, Los Gatos, CA

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I played PWEI and afterwards NWTR on intraday plays. Made 45% with PWEI in three hours and 40% in 30 minutes with NWTR - and sold too early. Many thanks. I follow several newsletters but always make sure to read yours when it hits my inbox.

- Mark Camin

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